What happens in a Humbervale Montessori classroom?

Our Montessori Casa classrooms are bright, beautiful, above-ground places, furnished for the complete development of the children. It is a child-sized space, where there is a harmony of light and colour and a refinement of spirit.  This carefully planned and stimulating environment helps the children develop within themselves the habits, attitudes and skills that are essential for a healthy, independent and fulfilling life.

Materials and curriculum focus around Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, Geography, Science, French, Art, Music and Movement.

Our Montessori teachers support individualized learning.

The Montessori teacher is called a “directress” because she presents the classroom activities, but does not lecture.  Following the principles of Maria Montessori, our directresses nurture the children’s absorbent minds to help further their intellectual, social and creative development.  They stand back while each child is working and allow them the satisfaction of discovery.

Unlike many traditional schools and preschools, the student-to-teacher ratio at Humbervale Montessori is intentionally low – on average 7 students to 1 teacher, compared to 30 or more students to one teacher and one E.C.E. in the public school system.

The children develop exceptional social skills.

The age of the children within each of our classrooms, the children range in age from 2 ½ to 6 years.  This allows the children to learn from each other and it also decreases competitiveness.  They are free to work together in groups or alone.  The older children enjoy helping the younger ones, as the younger children look to them as role models.  It is this approach that fosters the development of good work habits, a positive self-image and a solid base for future learning.  As the children develop a sense of pride in their work, a feeling of confidence, well-being, and delight is manifested.  A classroom of Montessori children is a joy to watch.  There is respect, love, and co-operation among the children, as they socialize and learn together.

There is freedom in the classroom – within limits.

Children allowed the freedom to choose their own work are generally happy and self-controlled.  Children may work freely to master skills from activities that have been presented to them, as long as they do not disturb others.  The directress observes the children as they work and will, when necessary, guide the children into different areas of the classroom to ensure that each child is exposed to all areas of the curriculum.

Nurturing a Peaceful School Community

For true learning to happen, our Montessori classrooms need to be a safe, non-judgmental, and peaceful place. Students are given time to explore and process when working with the materials. Creating this special time helps nurture a true love of learning.  Giving the children options in our Montessori classrooms not only leads to a positive learning environment, but it gives the students a comfortable place for them to grow at their own pace.

Each of our students is unique and has a variety of strengths. By understanding the cultural influences on a child’s development, we can better make an impact on children’s lives and deliver the care they need. We are understanding and accommodating of those with exceptionalities and try to help remove the stigma and biases that surround people with different needs.

When students are comfortable in a learning environment, they will excel and be creative. Creating a classroom culture that is safe and peaceful is modeled by our staff and these expectations are set from the first day of school.

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